Shedding Some Light on the “Lighting” Portion of a Home Inspection

Along with the cold, snow, and ice that can affect a house and its components, the winter season also means shorter days and more darkness, which can have adverse effects on our own internal systems. The reduced exposure to sunlight can exact a tremendous physiological and psychological toll, causing what is familiarly known as the […]

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Some Hard, Cold Facts about Winter and Home Inspections

Baby, it’s cold outside! That means it’s time for some hot chocolate, another log on the fire, and a blog post about winter and home inspections. For many home-shoppers and sellers who are enduring one of the coldest and snowiest seasons in recent memory, here’s one of the most common questions we hear at A-Pro […]

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Home Inspection Basics: 11 Month Warranty Inspections

Are you considering building a new home in 2022? While pandemic-driven factors are still very much on the table, many builders are predicting an increase in residential construction this year. With this in mind, we’ve dedicated this blog post to a valuable home inspection service you should put on your radar if you’re committed to […]

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A Look at Home Inspections and Assessing Aging Components and Systems

Maintaining a house is a lot like maintaining ourselves. We do our best to keep our body’s systems in the best shape possible so we can live to a ripe old age. That means regular checkups, eating right, taking medicine when it’s called for, protecting ourselves from the elements (e.g., sunscreen at the beach), and […]

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Thinking of Building a Home in 2022? Consider the New Home Construction Phase Program

As builders and aspiring homeowners know, 2021 was a challenging year for new residential construction projects. Supply chain problems, labor shortages, rising material costs (particularly with lumber), and other factors saddled the industry with significant burdens that stretched production timelines and caused budgets to balloon. What will 2022 look like in terms of new home […]

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